Artist Sandy Webster is currently working in mixed media. After several years working with basketry as her primary medium she went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Carolina University and her Master of Fine Arts from Norwich University at Vermont College.

headshotShe lives with her husband in western North Carolina. In addition to her studio work, Sandy Webster has written articles and served as a juror of fiber-related exhibitions while teaching and exhibiting internationally.

Sandy Webster’s works have been shown and collected throughout the US and abroad. She has been published in Textiles: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser; Fiberarts Design Books IV, V, VI; several Lark and Sterling Publications as well as Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, and Textile Fibre Forum. Sandy’s book Earthen Pigments: Hand-Gathering and Using Natural Colors in Art, Schiffer Publishing, takes the reader from the field to the studio where the processes of cleaning, sifting, and mulling result in beautiful colored pigments.  Read more about her book here.

Sandy has taught, lectured and juried throughout the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her artist books have been added to the permanent collections of the Queensland State Library, the National Library in Canberra, the South Australia Museum, the State Library of Victoria and the Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office.

Artist Statement (current exhibitions here)

“My art is narrative, a story retold with paints, pencil, collage and collections. Each work is a personal expression of time, place and thought. It is what I call “evidence of experience” garnered from my writings, sketchbooks and the things I gather that have meaning beyond their intended purpose.

Materials such as found objects and images are collected for their references to past and present. Soils that are ground into pigments for paint can let me fix “place” onto the works.

My writings, urged by a need to document thoughts and reactions to time and events, have more recently become part of the artwork…as much for their calligraphic style as reference to the subject.

Combined with detailed drawings, text, collage elements and colors come together to form an object that invites the viewer to reinterpret their meanings. And for me, the maker, each piece has offered an opportunity to manipulate materials and medium. A place to give form to an idea that communicates a sense of connection to place and memory.”


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