A note from the author:

“I am of a time when people would say, “You want to hear a story?”

More often than not the answer was “Sure”; to a friend that you thought you heard everything from or a stranger on the barstool next to you. Story tellers and listeners are who we were then.

It is harder now to commit the required time for listening. Sitting in a bar today until someone who looks interesting shows up lacks the promise it used to have. Listeners are hard to come by in this age of quickly consumed information in the print and pictures of other media.

But the stories still come to me by way of characters who crowd their way into my imagination and won’t move on until I give them a place on empty pages. I try to keep them short, about one slowly consumed pint of a good dark beer in length. Some take more time to get through and require a break now and again.

I will add more stories as they are told to me and put down on paper.”

Stories (click on story title below to read the full version):

  • The Blue Collector - The Blue Collector   Sara is quite sure it started on her eighth birthday. One of the candles on her cake was blue, bright blue. She made her wish, blew the candles out and quickly pocketed the blue one. Later she would wash off the frosting, trim the burnt wick and place it in the…
  • The Ferryman - The Ferryman   Charlie turned on the coffee and looked out the window. The sun was almost up when he began to stretch into tai chi movements. His bare feet gripped the tiles as he flowed into the first movement with a long inhale if breath, slight pause, then turned into another to exhale just…
  • What Would Jesus Do? - Ellie was leaning over the kitchen sink listening to the Christian radio station and wondering what to do with her vegetables. If she put the same old vegetables in the same old pot, how was the soup not going to taste the same as it did a few days earlier? Five months ago when her…