Still Adjusting

I like wandering in the meadow. Occasionally someone from the subdivision is walking their dog but mostly I am alone trying to find interesting things for me to sketch. I like this pipe. Not sure what its function was or is but it is beautiful.

It has interesting lichen on it.

And just beyond….trees near the river.

I found more butterflies…

And one whose life was over…

The meadow is getting browner…

Looking at my house building book, I noticed there were so many more pages to fill and now I am moved in. So it occurred to me that I am still unpacking.

So using two pages to show how that unpacking is going, I came up with the following pages…I am showing all five of them and how they work together to tell a story. Later in the book I will place some things on shelves and in closets as I get more firmly moved in and the book ends.

First the screens getting put in and a list of what needed to be done. (Most of that has been taken care of).

Now the boxes!

The box on the left is how it looked sealed and then on the right it is being opened.

And there are the pots and pans!

Lots of bubble wrap in this one.

Of course I painted all my cartons with the earth pigment watercolor made from the soil under my house.

I might go back and pile up the cartons on the left as they are opened. SO many boxes! And more to go. Notice how I poured myself a glass of wine after I opened the wine glasses box. Anyway, it was fun doing these pages.

Today I am going to brave a social event here in town. Beginning at four this afternoon there will be Wines and Steins. Local wineries and breweries come to town and set up on the square with various food venders. I can sample their goods and hopefully bring home a dinner. The walk up the hill can be a bit hard, but the more I do it, the easier it gets.

Earlier today I tried to get the red clay stains off the porch and front entry…but to little results. The porch now has an overall reddish tinge to the concrete.

I painted the old bench Lee made for our house years ago black because the new porch table and chairs will likely be black. And ordered a nice rug for out there that is a blend of those colors, will look nice, and give a place to wipe the feet before coming into the dining area.

Tomorrow it is back to writing and drawing.

Til later…..

A Little Bit Late But Loads of Pictures To Catch Up

The meadow is exploding with goldenrod!

So yellow!

Walking along a newly mowed path I was briefly seeking shelter from a quick shower in this covered picnic area,

Just off to the left is my new house.

Then on with the walk…

Past this lovely tree and following the creek by the Indian Mound entrance…I found where it meets the river behind the corn field.

And more interesting trees.

And wildflowers…

On the way back to the house I talked to a man flying his remote control airplane. I took a picture of it flying around me.

The following day I returned to the river behind the cornfield.

My house is one of those roofs on the opposite side of the corn field.

I gathered moss for my moss gardens by the front door where there is no sunshine.

My remaining fish bottles with wires and rocks will hang over this bench when my son and Marla return for Thanksgiving.

While walking through the meadow I saw many butterflies and added some to my Meadow Book.

It was nice to have time to catch up with my book and what is happening in the meadow.

And one more thing. At the end of the kitchen cabinets sits the Information Center. It never occurred to me how easily it would be mistaken for a Bible open on a podium. The movers were the first to ask if it was a family bible. No, we never had one of those in my house. We had dictionaries.

Perhaps it is an assumption of where I live…that this would be a bible. It is not. And when I looked over to see what page it was opened to I found this sweet little drawing….illustrating a quintain.

A quintain is a mounted target for jousters when practicing. Interesting, right? A good scrabble word if nothing else…doubtful it will come up in cocktail conversations, but I might just share it anyway before opening the dictionary to a new section. And the word “quirk” is a good one for Wordle. I will check out that word, “quirt” before I change the pages. The fact that the acid content in the pages causes browning of the edges, gives it even more authority and the wisdom of age. It was published in 1983.

So that is all for now.

Til later….


More Settling

New light fixture is now hung in the dining area and dimmers added to switches.

That was Monday at 7 a.m. And that evening I invited other neighbors who are just moving in if they would like to take a break from unpacking and come for a drink at five. Cheese, crackers, fruit and wine. was laid out.

It was an enjoyable evening exchanging moving experiences and what we liked about our new houses.

I took some time off to just draw birds from the meadow.

Early this morning the shades man came and now all the windows have their shades.

I have ordered more shades for the porch because the afternoon sun makes it very hot out there.

This sign caught my eye at the gym the other morning.

Speaking of the gym, last week a young man and I passed each other in the hall and then both turned around quickly. He used to work out with Lee and I at another gym a few years ago. He was a nurse at the hospital and when things became hard for all the changes needing to be done for Lee, he offered to help and gave me his phone number. I kept it stuck to my sun visor but never called.

When Covid came I quit going to the gym there near the hospital and did not start again until a year ago here near the new house. Now almost a year later I run into this dear man and it turns out he works at the care center where Lee is cared for and even feeds him on occasion. Because Lee has changed so much in appearance and this is miles away from where we had met before, he never connected the name.

Anyway, I reminded him that a few years ago I had told him when I needed him, perhaps he could come over to have a scotch and just talk. Tonight when he finishes work and working out at the gym, he is coming over for that drink and a good catch up on our lives. He has moved from where he lived before and now lives not too far from me. He is a very kind and generous nurse and I am so happy that he likes his new position at the care center.

Isn’t life surprising?

So I picked up a pizza because he will likely need dinner after our scotch.

Now I am going to take another walk through the meadow to find more changes to draw. Crows are gathering over that way…..

Til later….

Small Distractions

I brought home an armload of flowers to put on the hearth a few days ago. The new living room rug is down but wants to keep curling on the ends where it had been rolled. Cartons are weighting the taped edges but it will take some more time for it to go flat.

I added a smaller snake than we had before to the front garden. Then ordered a bamboo fountain and small pump to have a water feature by the front door in a favorite old pottery bowl.

Then I took a day to organize and catch up on the alcohol consumption books. I started them over twenty years ago. The book had to be covered with a carry bag of some alcoholic beverage. The early ones were LCBO standing for Liquor Control Board Ontario. The first came with a friend bringing a very nice Dalwhinnie single malt scotch. The book pages are blank sheets where a label of something alcoholic is peeled from the bottle, pasted onto the page with a comment or two of how much I liked the drink and how much I may or may not have liked the company I drank it with. No label was to be repeated but the companions certainly could be. The books are made in all sorts of sizes depending on the packaging I am fitting for the cover. Extra short folios are added to allow for the addition of labels taking up space.

So here is the one just finished and the new one just started.

The book on the left from an excellent time with Australian friends lasted until the final drink at my old place. The one on the right was the only way I could find to fit the box a terrific scotch came in given to me from an equally terrific student in Australia. I drank the scotch there but brought the box home. If you are ever in Tasmania drop in to the distillery and enjoy.

Above is the inside cover

And here are pages from the previous book so you can see neatness is not a priority.

And the new labels in the new book. The first page is a bottle of 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon. I kept this bottle because it was the last I had with the original convict chosen for the label. His descendants later objected and now there is a different one. It seemed fitting it be one of the first in the book.

Then my love of 19 Crimes faded as they were willing to put anyone who served time on their labels. Celebrity Americans who had not a single thing to do with the 19 crimes of deportation from England to Australia.. My daughter’s partner, Ben, brought this one down to celebrate the new house…knowing I would not make the purchase myself.

The one on the right is the last of one of Patrick’s very excellent choices in scotch whiskey. So now the book waits for a new to me label from a bottle of something hopefully drunk in good company. There is a wonderful history in the pages of these books. And when a favorite companion passes on, I slip the obituary into the pages where we last had a nice drink together. There are now fifteen books in all. And in addition, the two Covid books with labels of what was getting us, the family,  through isolation.  Those, of course, are not near the fun of the others to look back on.

And finally today, to stall opening more boxes, I made some savoury scones. I learned two things in the process. How to make buttermilk out of milk. Just add 1/2 tsp lemon juice to 1/2 cup milk. Mix together and wait 8 minutes before using. You could also use white vinegar but I am not a fan of vinegar.

The other thing I learned is not to separate the scones after cutting them into wedges to bake. Cut them into equal pieces but bake the round whole before separating them after baking and cooling.

These are delicious using up bits in the refrigerator.

Til later….