“I don’t know where my pad of paper is, the one where I started to write about aging. I thought it was over there on the corner table – but no another yellow, lined legal pad with pages torn away exposing the next blank page waiting for words. It is day to read poetry or write it”

The Cow Story Book
The Cow Story Book
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Whimsical Cow & Chicken


Cow Book
I wrote and illustrated this book about a small collection of mine that simply grew. It is a humorous and cautionary tale on the compulsion to simply add just one more piece.  And it is as much about how hard it is to stop adding pieces as it is the fun of doing just that.

“…Collecting starts innocently. Just wanting this one thing, wanting it bad enough to render you incapable of putting it back. “Look but don’t touch.” might control the urge to collect but, “You remember the things you didn’t buy.” is of little preventative value. Staying home seems a good solution. We want the things from “Elsewhere”. We want the story of the pieces we select to add to our own story. The things we collect help give us an identity. Sad as it is, I am afraid Cow says as much about me as I have said about her. She is not my only collection but she is the one that succinctly tells how hard it is not to add just one more thing.”

On the Spirits Bar
On the Spirits Bar

The Spirit Bar

“The three of them were sharing remembrances of first one, then another. The ones they would just like to have one more drink with, the ones that were now gone- passed on – not here – not now when they were being remembered.

“Make it a Double”

And that’s how the place came to be. The three of them built it right there, right then. It would have two large swinging doors to ease the coming and going. The interiors walls and bar is dark wood paneling. Two multi-paned windows look out on a perpetual late afternoon, early evening sky. A stone fireplace is at one end and tables not at windows are near the fire. The Spirits Bar has low lighting and a high ceiling that disappears overhead. For now the bar has nothing on tap. Patrick is the bartender, Lee keeps the shelves stocked with favorite drinks and Sandy arranges seating.

The Spirits Bar is a place that offers one  more round over and over again.”
Excerpt from The Spirits Bar by S. Webster

Outback 2
Outback Print

Distance Matters

Distance Matters limited edition of a poetry book written and illustrated by S. Webster


It calls to me
so deep and distant at first
then nearer

I have heard it before
and have learned
to listen.

Coming from somewhere
out there
is the sound of waiting.

I move forward
and it quickens its breath
to match my pace.

Surely this time
we will collide
and know each other.