Ready for Home after Great Class at Grampians Textures

This is how it is in Australia….full of surprises, interesting people, kangaroos and boundless talent.

And beautiful food!

BUT here is the talents of 12 amazing students.

Patsy finished this in our few days together after the masters class.

Anne’s box of drawers for mementos of mother.

Andrews travel box.

Judith’s Japan pieces….much more done in our few days together after close of class.

Andie’s first two of houses….another one done later in our house.

Lorraine’s boat that goes in a box with her travel journal and pop up book.

Madeleine’s finished house of places she has lived her life. Leather travel journal that everyone finished is on the left.

Margaret with her Flinders Ranges Expedition.

Kaylene’s books and box.

Some of Jane’s return visit to Japan.

Part of Jan’s precious little journal on Japan.

One of Mem’s boats….books made during our few days together.

Here are a few things Judith and Jane were working on during our extra time together.

And Patsy’s piece all finished!!

I did spend time on my sketchbook.

And I might just return to the Grampians and the friends I left there.

Yes, I know…..but one should not stop on the thirteenth trip…..and it would be lots shorter.

I miss it already and I am not even at the airport.

Til next week when home and back in balance.


Travel and Teaching – Ocean Grove to Melbourne

I went off Ocean Grove to teach Memory Vessels. Here are some pictures of the area.

A wine tasting house….clever!

One of many things in the Kyo shops.

Nice sculptures using old bits. Wheel barrows in this one.

Outside Studio54 where I taught.

Patsy’s books.

Heather’s table.

Julie’s pages.

Jo’s stitched map.

Kaye’s forest figures.

Some of their sewing gear.

Having a farewell coffee with Kerrie.

Train ride back to Melbourne.

Greeted by Borris.

My scones served to friends at “morning tea”.

Miss Fisher’s house from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries just up the street from Anne’s.

Brunch this morning of edible crumpets and the lovely poached eggs.

And my own attempt at being a barrista by re-configuring the heart into a person/angel.

So far a really good trip. I have some new shoes, wine to take out to the Grampians, a smallish bottle of Jack Daniels in lieu of a single malt, lots of billy tea to send home, some gifts bought that will be mailed from Halls Gap, and a nice pop into Melbourne Etching Supplies for just the right thing. Anne’s hospitality makes it a wonderful and relaxing trip down under.

Until next week when I am deep into teaching the master’s class, “An Expedition that Begins with One Square Metre”.


Back Home in Australia

I am here in Australia. This is the flight from customs in Sydney to Hobart. Now I will show pictures of the white line printmaking class I taught there.

This is just a few of the work done in class. Here is my demo piece that I will be working on more my few days here at Baldessin.

And a bit of Hobart surrounds.

Some wall art outside art supply store.

View from Jude Walkers….the best hostess in Hobart.

Then a ride with Anne and Tony up to Baldessin Press taking in a few wineries.

And now I have arrived here…..the most inspiring place for a printmaker! There are people here working out ideas on the presses because it is day two of two day open press day here.

I need to do a bit of laundry before I can join them. Just thought I would catch you all up on my adventures down under so far.

Til next time.