Wonderful Week!

Patrick and Marla, my two interior decorators arrived Monday evening and it was a non-stop whirlwind of getting things done. He worked on finishing up two oak table tops to take to friends who lost theirs that Lee made to a house fire. Marla went along with my idea of using an old book to make ornaments for the Christmas tree.  She was on stars and I was making birds.

Every year when Patrick comes down for Thanksgiving, we set up our idea of a Christmas tree. I am rather fond of those LED lit wrapped wire branches type. Easy to collapse and stuff back in the box. We set up the two I have and called them Sticks and Stones. We also love adding the glass pears I bought years ago that have stayed stuffed with dried up lacy Japanese maple leaves. Here is how it looked going together.

We stopped to have some of the wonderful gin that Marla bought at the Victoria Market in Melbourne and hauled with her the rest of her Australia trip earlier this year.

Gin and tonics in Lee’s first cut wine bottle glasses. Perfect size. We took ourselves off to a local cocktail bar for drinks and pizza. All delicious!

We delivered the tables.

I also delivered the artwork I made for them using bits of their burned house. It was a very nice evening there.

Then it was time to fit in Thanksgiving dinner.

We decided that the living room needed just the right chair added to the space but it had to be the “perfect” chair. We found it at the local furniture store and within an hour of deciding it was necessary we were sitting in it at home.

We had our usual toast to Pacia with her Fresca, cheap whisky, ice, served in Jefferson cups and with a healthy bowl of popcorn made just how she made it. Pacia is a regular at The Spirits Bar…a place we open to old friends we just would like to have another drink with.

This is a small limited edition book I wrote with the help of Lee and Patrick as we reminisced about the good times we had with those who were now gone. The bar opens when we think of them and they just come in, order their favorite drink and visit for awhile…with us or new customers they just met coming in.

And after some remembering and toasting, we relaxed and enjoyed the trees.

And during it all we fitted in a walk on the river…

Patrick and Marla should be halfway home by now. All the laundry is finished, floors cleaned, and now a lengthy blog finished.

More later….