A Really Up and Down Few Days

Turkey buzzards were very concentrated at the dam yesterday morning. The wind was perfect for them to ride the thermals across the  walkway. I often think of them as not only a pretty ugly bird but harbingers of not so good news. And so it was.

One bad news came via email from a friend who has a rare form of cancer in the linings of abdominal organs. He must stay abroad until they can find a way for him to manage. We were looking forward to the visit to his Brasstown home in just a couple of months but now that is quite unlikely.

The other sad news came by way of a phone call from a very good friend telling me that her husband that I have also know since the eighties has a cancer of the bladder. When I hear her voice I see her broad smile, twinkly eyes and the most amazing laugh. We hung up before those tears that choke your throat into uncontrollable sobs could surface.

Yesterday was not the best of days.


But the day before was really good. I actually had a student in the studio all day. He came bearing gifts of beautiful powdered pigments.

A lovely Cyprus green from Maiwa, an indigo and Maya blue pigment from his wife who is an amazing textile artist and knew how much I would appreciate these non-earth blue pigments. They are beautiful and I will find a good use for them soon.

And the student will be back to learn more about white line printmaking from me. Another day in late October. Maybe by then I will have something worked up using his gifts. The next day his wife emailed me about the blue pigments and how they came to be. She also told me that her husband had stopped at the Craft Shop at John C Campbell on the way home and purchased one of my stitched prints to take home. Lovely.

Here is the latest one I have been experimenting with.

Might have over-stitched a bit on this one but Lee and I were engrossed in a cop show series that kept saying “to be continued”, so we had to stay tuned for a few hours to see everything sorted out.

And I have one more picture from the dam on buzzard day. These pillars marching off toward the woods. They are there to protect against cars driving around past the gate and going across the pedestrian only dam. I think of them as old friends in a row. They are always going to be there and just as solid as ever. We need to remember that.

Friends in Hobart will remember later this month when they go to the wake for someone we all miss, and recall how many good times we shared, and they will smile. Raise a glass of red for me.

Til later when I can come up with something better ….. take care.