A Week Later

On Tuesday evening Patrick and Marla arrived to take the last and largest load of my furnishings back home to their places. The following morning we walked at the river.

I did not bring these poplar blooms home to draw….no room and no time.

Then it was taking down artwork and packing it up…..Marla takes back the fish she gave me years ago to add to the school outside my studio.

The next morning a quick trip to the house to see how it is coming along.

Extra topsoil added out back and the texturing done to the drywall.

Patrick goes off to pick up the 26′ U Haul truck to pack the following morning when more help arrives. It was amazing how he managed to get it up the driveway and turned around to face out.

Marla and I continued to wrap artwork to go and every piece I will take with me. In just a few hours most of the truck was loaded. One of the helpers took the large living room rug home and another took a twin bed and lamp.

Two couches, one a queen sized hide-a-bed, several chairs, a Bali chest, old pie safe cabinet, big coffee table, massive shelving units, boxes of books, the 8′ dining room table, two work tables from the studio, loads of artwork, my oil can collection, crockery, lamps, shop vacuum, office furniture, three tables Lee made using sewing machine legs, miscellaneous things from the shed and garage, canning supplies,  a big iron yard sculpture, two twig chairs, an antique bent wood rocker, and finally the Christmas wrapping papers. Much more was hidden in boxes with their names written on them….things I packed before asking.

It seems like half the house is gone.

It all looks more manageable now,

We had a wonderful trip out to our favorite winery…taking a packed bag of meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit….. and a stop by the restaurant to pick up 30 oyster shooters and some popovers that filled our bags enough for us and the friends meeting us there. Lots of laughing, good wine and company.

Yesterday we took a last walk along the trail…..

Then we pulled nails from the walls where the artwork hung and painted over the holes.

I could not watch this morning as Patrick navigated that loaded truck down the steep and bending driveway with Marla driving his truck behind. I just ask that he messages me when he gets out to the pavement and starts down the road. As soon as I got the call, I loaded my car with all the trash accumulated and headed to the dump. Then washed the sheets and continued to paint over nail holes.

I think some wine is warranted while I wait to hear they have arrived at Amy’s to unpack her furniture and then have taken Patrick’s things to the storage shed before putting the rest in Marla’s car. A very long day for them…..maybe fifteen hours before they see their cats and put themselves to bed.

I so appreciate all they have done!

Til later….