Another Week Goes By

I like this piece of prints, fabrics, and stitches. Fragmented like my days. Trying to keep it all together just so I can say, “Okay, there goes another day with nothing bad happening, nothing new going on, nothing, just nothing.” It is so much easier when I know there is going to be nothing that I need to add to the routine of sameness. An occasional delivery from Amazon is a high point. A hand written letter rates almost at the top. Going to bed is a relief knowing I will have close to eight hours of hilarious adventures via my dreams and be worry free for that length of time.

Last week two delicious looking quiches went into the freezer.

This week four new pans of lasagna and one meat loaf. Tomorrow we make more cookies, more of those Second Best Malted Cookie I Ever Ate cookies. And Lee’s favorite cranberry relish.

I got more stitching done while watching the impeachment hearings. The jabs of the needle were aimed not only at the cloth bits but those galling members who are so firmly ensconced in Trump land. I wonder sometimes if we will ever return to truth and decency. Certainly not while he still holds the power bestowed on him by a gullible public so easily maneuvered by him and his Russian counterpart.

But aside from the hearings this week I did my daily drawings and haiku.

Sugar and creamer

that fit perfectly in your

palm before pouring.


If you only want

a “spot” of tea then this is

the best mug to choose.


Leave your glasses off.

You will see the softer side

of those before you.


I heard that warriors

carried nourishment in this.

So I now own it.


It used to serve milk,

but now used exclusively

to pour hot gravy.


This cruet came out

of the cupboard only once.

It was not useful.


Threads stay in bundles

waiting to be licked into

the eyes of needles.


Tiny scissors make

it difficult to control

the cutting of scraps.


So those entries are up to date with this morning. I had a hair appointment today and Lee got his pedicure. I told my girl to just trim it and give it all a squeeze. Don’t comb it. Much easier to manage with finger flipping through. Lee’s girl just keeps him amused and comfortable while she tends to the feet that remind her of her grandfather’s. I love that she does that. Next month when I go in for a trim, he will have her give him a body massage. He likes this young woman. So do I.

Our son arrives in a couple of days to spend Thanksgiving week with us. Just the three of us will be nice. I will have a bit of time to get in the studio to frame some of the newly stitched works and continue with filling in my “responsibility hands”. Lee has lost a bit of awareness this past month and I need to record it and draw another outline of my hand….it will be the fifth one.

I also have a book to read and maybe an outing all by myself to see a movie.

It is a dreary day today but I think a good one for us. Leftovers for dinner and a scotch beforehand is in order.

Til later.