Back to Hospital, Physical Therapy, Garage Makeover, Gin from Australia

Home for two days and then back to hospital with bad abdominal pain. A hematoma-type lump due to blood thinner medication.  Pneumonia cleared up but now a slow subsiding of the small lump in lower stomach. I am so grateful for a doctor who will stay with me and remind me that, “this will pass”. In the meantime my neighbor/doctor brought me a heating pad and other things she thought might help. Her husband is from the home care office giving assistance and exercises to build back up my strength. And Patrick has arrived to fix meals, drinks and rework the garage.

First up, Turmeric Old Fashioned.

Lots of fireworks across the street the weekend after the fourth.

Patrick hung the neighbor’s gift of windchimes and the weather stick I found among packed bits from old studio. I never hung it before because I doubted its claim to fame. Now after seeing it change from the upward swing (dry weather) to a tilt downward (dampness), I am thoroughly enjoying this weather predictor.

Patrick is busy in the garage now.

More storage cabinets will be here tomorrow at the latest. For now, I rally enough to just say, “throw it!” He will be taking lots of things home with him. Marla will get a slew of paint brushes, etc.

The cats are with me whenever I go to lay down and catch my breath, also called napping.

they are so sympathetic.

And today, Marla’s gift of Australian gin arrived. Patrick will head to the store to find Fevertree Tonic and cucumber to complete the drink as advised by Aussie gin drinkers.

That is about it for now. I need a nap and another go at my exercises.

I miss seeing the guys each morning but do not have the strength to make it in….maybe next week.

Til later….