Back to Routines

I took this photo toward my studio at the house while Patrick and I were packing up Lee’s shop tools.

With some wonderful help almost everything was loaded into a trailer or his truck to head north. So many heavy power tools…table saw, planer, router, large stand sander, sand blaster, drill press that belonged to Lee’s uncle, two large tool chests on rollers, and many, many tubs of parts and pieces of even more tools. Then came the wormy chestnut lumber that has been saved in the shed for such a long time waiting for Lee and Patrick to come up with yet another project. What is left in the shop will go back at Christmas in another trailer with furniture that won’t be necessary to stage the showing of the house.

The filters came today for the floor scrubber and vacuum. I put them where they needed to be and the cleaning lady will be surprised tomorrow how well things are working.

I am back on my morning walks. Very cold but got a nice riverwalk in this morning.

The water is way down in the river.

A quick stop at the state liquor store today as I was going to meet friends for lunch.

A single malt compliments of friends in California and a strange little thing that begs to be tried.

Peanut butter whiskey!! Remember when these little sample bottles were only one dollar? Nott now! But I paid my three dollars just to try this concept of flavoring whiskey with peanut butter. What in the world will be next?

Sunsets have been pretty this past week.

And more in the Bird Stories book.

That is about all for now. The trailer made it home to Michigan in eleven hours and is now unpacked.

Til later…..