Changing It Up A Bit

Earlier this summer we changed the bedroom around to accommodate this new king size bed. We both sleep much better now with a bit of distance. And the last of a series on how man affects the environment paintings fit just right over the bed with an Australian aboriginal basket hanging between them.

To make the living room more “conversational” I found the perfect ottomans that actually have storage inside them. They are just what I wanted for sitting in front of the coffee table and facing the couch.

A bit of mud cloth over the back of the couch fits with other mud cloths in the room.

It takes the input of friends who have known me for years to help with making subtle changes that make everything look better.  Just what we needed, friends helping out at the right time. Thanks Moe and Marla. We feel spruced up for the holidays.

Speaking of which I printed my Christmas cards and have them ready to go in the mail. Very small hand pulled etchings.

A little tree that is on its last needles.

All mounted and paired with their envelopes.

And a perfect message printed inside the card.

Our gift to Marla for watching over Lee while I taught my last class for John C Campbell Folk School was a printmaking class. Her tiny work got me inspired to make the little tree etching which was very easy to print on my XCut XPress machine.

I will pick up more of the small mylar-like etching plates when I go to Melbourne again this coming March. And this time will get a good supply of them. They are quite inexpensive and very easy to work on. Being transparent it is easy to place them over my sketch, tape them down and etch away.

And speaking of changing things up a bit. I gave this four foot square painting to the new Louisiana food themed restaurant in Hayesville, NC. It is now the first thing you see when you walk in the door to Carlotta’s. It felt good to see it in new surroundings and out of the studio. I still have two more this size to think about.

From now on I will keep my work small and easier to dispose of.

That is about it for now…..til later. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.