Chores Finished, Now What?

There have been some beautiful skies this week. Not much drama down here at street level, but overhead a bit of rowdiness. A tornado warning came in the other night to take cover….I just stayed in bed because there was about 30 minutes before that alarm was over. Lots of crackling lightening, wind and thunder but the tornadoes were not here.

Lots of flowers are now in bloom. My pot with a returning plant bloomed.

The walk into my neighborhood.

And a very determined snapdragon coming up near where we have coffee each morning.

I finished my double gauze shirt and the lime green one as well.

It feels like wearing a cool cloud, so I ordered more of the fabric in soft grape and linden green. Now I have nice cool oversized tops for summer that will take a turtle neck undershirt come cooler weather. It is nice to hear the hum of a sewing machine with the promise of new clothes that did not come from the clingy knits available today. After it sits against my shoulders and the outer edge of my front, this shirt has no intention of touching my body any place else. So nice!

Also this week my new rocking chair came in a very heavy box delivered as far as my front door. The word “Heavy” was taped onto the carton. I wrestled it into the house, took off the packaging and proceeded to put the screws in place. As long as I could see the screws, I was fine. But reaching up underneath and gravity working against me, I called MJ for help. She popped over after closing the coffee. wine, mail center, and in no time at all had it all solidly put together.

Now I can sit on the porch and read, rock, and think about whatever crosses my mind. The wood is Eucalyptus, so how could I not buy this chair!

This morning I went to the Mayor’s Garage Sale on the square. Not as many venders as last year and I felt sorry for all those who have to pack up their now twice rejected (by them and the on-lookers) leftovers that they hoped someone would want. I walked around it with one of the guys from the morning coffee gatherings. He found an old wood planer and a dozen pale blue farm fresh eggs. I found nothing.

And then this little cutie on my way back to the car.

Because of weather, the poetry meeting was canceled this past week. I keep writing……here is what I would have read and will when it is rescheduled.


The Glass is Clear


The glass is clear.

The water inside is not.

A part of what wasn’t

good enough for the page

has been left behind

in the rinse water,

to become dull and uninteresting

in the company of others.

No longer carrying the burden

of an artist’s intention,

each has dissolved into memories

of what could have been.


Sandy Webster

I am not sure if anyone ever considers their paint rinsing cups the way I do. So tempting to just collect all the muddied waters to use in some meaningful way.  But I am beyond that now and simply wave as they are poured down the drain.

Til later……