Those Dead Dried Leaves Scarves

Here the two of them are unwrapped, rinsed and laying out. There is considerably more orange than I thought would come through. Most of it is from the dried California leaves.

But some from the small little stem-clinging Eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s.

All of it looks a bit “messy” for my taste. Not many clear outlines of leaf patterns.

They sort of look like what they are….lots of leaves tossed on cloth with a hope for the best. Actually “the best” takes more work than what I put into these. I don’t really like orange that much so my favorite parts are the ends with string resist marks where iron crept into the cloth.

Dry now they are a bit better.

The details are the best views. I will press them and then put them away for gifts or something. The ones I did last March in Australia at the Botanical Studio were so much better. The Eucalyptus leaves there are simply stunning on how they transfer to cloth. If I can possibly work in a day there dyeing or just work on them while in country next March I will, but time is tight to say the least!

Today I returned from Asheville and bought enough felt to make many, many trump pincushions. My friend Marla has downsized the pattern for “pocket pincushions” and we are thinking that since we are being asked, we might just do them up in trade for donations to Planned Parenthood. We will discuss it over Christmas when she comes here. I will try to have everything cut out and ready for the machine. There is such pleasure sticking pins into its body.

And I arrived home to a phone call asking me to do a show in Chattanooga next April. So just ordered more frames for the etchings and botanical prints works about messages and travel.

That’s it. I just promised images of the dead leaves on cloth and here it is.