Done and Dusted

This last week was spent keeping ahead of the floor crew. Such a fantastic job to get it all done in three days! All I had to do was empty whatever needed to be moved and get it put back to make room for the next pile.

Tearing up the old floor.

New dining room floor.

Emptying out bookshelves in den and studio was the worst part.

I made it to movie night with my leftover pizza and a complimentary glass of wine as soon as the job was finished and paid for. And now it looks like this in every single room. Even the studio where I am now, had some shelf rearranging to make more sense how I now use it.

This morning’s breakfast while doing laundry.

So now laundry put away. Lunch of yogurt, pretzels and peanuts. And my longest poem to date…two pages both sides. Here are the first two stanzas.

My Room                       S. Webster


It is the right size to move around in.

Easy to access the spaces of daily life.

But the best part, the very best part

are the doors with hard-to-turn knobs.


They require a bit of wrenching.

But only after considerable thought as to why,

why do I need to get in?


The other day at the poetry meeting, I read the one titled Breathing that I shared here recently. Several asked if they could keep the copy they were reading along with. Never had that asked before. So it resonated with them, which is a good thing.

I did get Scrabble all laid out with text and illustrations. Now just need to design the cover.

Tonight we set the clocks ahead. Daylight savings time again. My phone and Fitbit do it on their own but that clock on the stove and the one in the car wait for me to handle it.

I agreed to be a presenter for a writer’s conference coming up soon. With getting into publications, writing from prompts, being accepted in the literary world meaning absolutely nothing to me, I wondered why they asked. I am to do a presentation on self-publishing. I think I know which direction I will take my talk. And I hope there is not too much disappointment that it won’t come with step by step instructions.

There is a children’s charity locally where I can donate artworks and some of my books with an original drawing from the story enclosed. I might put a couple of the Eucalyptus leaf imprinted pages with interspersed drawings/paintings in a book form…especially the Fairy Book. I wonder if I need to make up a story to go along with the drawings or just let people make up their own as they turn the pages.

For now it is either do more writing or find a movie and a glass of wine.

Til later…