Door Knobs

A friend posted one of those quick-remedy-make-it-all-better statements. Something about there is always a door to open. So my hand is on the knob. That’s what I told her this morning when she called to see how we were doing.

Things really are better. So thank you all for that. My friends are still very ill, but I remember them as being both so physically fit and full of good conversations. Lee still slowly heads downhill. My best friend from graduate school who is just a few years behind Lee with her own dementia still can make me laugh as we both remember the fun times.

I have been given the names of professionals who might be able to help if depression gets out of hand. I honestly think I am a long ways from that and accept the fact that some days are hard and others will be harder. But it is up to me to control that and just keep going as I have been. One thing I leaned this week was that even though I do not want to take on more responsibilities, most of them are just a matter of a few minutes and post-a-notes can be stuck up anywhere to remind me.

I also learned that the best support comes from those the farthest away.

So on to new adventures. I had to look up what a haiku poem consists of. Three lines with the first and third only having five syllables each and the middle one containing seven. I can do this along with my drawing a day for the month of October. It will be a good challenge to relate them to each other. I told my Canadian (graduate school) friend this morning that it shouldn’t be too hard as they used to thank me for my “brevity” when in college. She reminded me that I could not just say one syllable words seventeen times.

Here is one I just made up…..and I will try to find better subject matter…..


The cat has thrown up

Again she eats much too fast

Lee can point at it.


I will remember to chant this to myself every morning at 4:45 am.


Also I am going to learn how to make fixing meals easier. Ways to put things all in one pot and still have it look somewhat appetizing without returning to noodles, can of tuna, and can of cream of mushroom soup. Here is our Cornish game hen meal this week….actually two meals as the breast meat makes lunch sandwiches the next day.

So here is my sketchbook for haiku and drawings. I might even add some color with the new indigo pigments. At least I am ready to give it a go. I bought this book at the art supply shop on Degraves Street in Melbourne last March. And it is Australian friends that I am doing the challenge of drawing and haiku, so seemed fitting.

I am still intrigued with the idea of collecting my own tears so will find a small vial of some sort that I can keep handy. I will keep a tight seal on it until there is enough to work with. Trouble is I should have thought of this last week.

But if the sky turns grey and bad news comes again, I will be ready. It is just not looking likely right now. Things are looking up with Trump under investigation. Everyone I know is smiling.

Thank you, Adele, for sending me this picture of your new toilet bowl scrubber.

That is it for now.

Again, thank you.

Til later.