Drawing A Day Catch Up for December

I kept up my practice each day while company was here for Christmas. Here they are with the haiku.

Patrick likes this cup

for a very large serving

of Turkish coffee.


Very tiny bowl

shaped by the inside patterns

of a southern gourd.

Does anyone use

these Christmas mugs if it’s not

the Christmas season?


I think that this mug

is crying out for some hot

cocoa and bourbon.

These plastic boxes

just sit in the cupboard and

wait for leftovers.


I’ll only have one.

One piece of cheese and only

one crispy cracker.

I ate some of these

red grapes much more quickly than

I was drawing them.


These small mandarins

are so easy to peel and

so easy to eat.

You brush it on first

then scrape all the tiny bits

with a spatula.


A tool that opens

several bottles of beer.

Some good and some bad.

The chestnuts roasting

by an open fire won’t help

the bad flavor.


There’s candy and nuts

still in the bowl just waiting

to be eaten up.

Friends and family

told me to keep my phone close

wherever I go.


It is a good thing

for me that I’m right-handed

and can use this glove.


Okay. That’s it.

Til later in 2020.

Happy, Happy New Year.