Finally Some Time to Write!

My yard man found the tree we were looking for. The nursery only had two….a weeping blue aspen cedar. The one by the house is a blue aspen cedar.

Now well-planted in the front yard.

I am still in the tweaking mode and under the influence of Marla’s good eye. I pulled some cushions from the African chair I made in 1994, and still need to have in my living space, and put them in place of the old undergraduate felted work on my front hall chest.

It’s the little things rearranged that make you feel in control. This morning I spent extra time tilting pillows on the bed while putting clean sheets on. Still not sure they are right, and there are other things I could be doing, but still, why not?

The other evening company from out of state came for dinner. Claudia Lee, paper maker was in town teaching and her assistant brought along her husband. A very good visit that only happens once a year. Claudia had recently taught in Australia and we know many people in common there, so it was an evening filled with fond memories and stories of who all she met in classes and stays in touch with via zoom-like conversations about paper.

It was a beautiful morning to walk up to the corner for coffee. Even a bird joined me.

And my walk over to tai chi has gotten quite lovely filled with flowers and grasses.

I love the intensely purple crown vetch paired with daisies and yellow wildflowers. Hard to get them all in one picture.

More sewing this week. Now the machine is put away for awhile.

New Gingher sewing scissors came. After all these years my old ones have a nick in the cutting blade that makes it hard to get a clean cut. I keep the non-cutting hand well away from the scissors as they are so very much sharper than the old ones. Those old ones have to be 30 years old by now, so new ones seem a good idea.

A neighbor left town for several days in New York City.  Her cats see me and tend to go elsewhere. I thought I would take them treats and give them a bit of company. Socks ate her treats, gave me a side eye and left the room. Old hard-of-hearing, Mona, who rarely stays in the room, actually took a liking to me. I got to pet her head. Something about a cat’s expression can make you feel important. Dogs always look devoted, maybe because they can’t do critical thinking. But cats have to make a judgement….so one out of two is not bad. I will keep treats in my pocket when I go over for that late afternoon wine time. Just look at this face.

I am going to spend the rest of this Memorial three day weekend writing. The laundry is finished and put away, pillows fluffed, scones ready to go in the oven, and it is rather dreary out there.

One other thing…looking for an image of a wine bottle among my saved cards to put on a book I made for a young woman who asked me to make her a label holding book (for all her favorite wines and drinking friends) I found notes sent from older people I have met along the way.

From Arlyn who passed some years ago came this:

“Here is the quote I wrote to myself years ago and somehow still hang on to…”Concentrate on making decisions quicker. Criticize yourself. Take immediate responsibility for your position. No carping, poking, nagging. Be honest. Project only what can be backed up.”    Keep up your wonderful work and come back to visit.”


From an 80 year old Margaret in 2005:

“I do think that “higher” education does more than teach skills but what it does best is teach how to think and how to use what has been studied before……..”


And Velma:

“thank you. it helps me, working in such isolation, to see how others frame their life in their work.  you do that so well.”


They made me feel like I should be doing more than fluffing pillows. I will keep these newly found notes handy to remind me.

Now onto those scones and writing.

Til later….