A Five Day Workshop of White Line Printmaking

Home Colors in process 2

Today I start setting up the studio at John C Campbell Folk School for a five day workshop in white line printmaking.  This is a fun class to teach because anyone can do it. All it takes is a board, simple carving tools and watercolors. Above are my small woodblocks carved with images from my yard and colored with the watercolors made from the local soils. These small prints were very satisfactory to pull away from the block. Each one is only slightly over two inches square.

Crow in process lo res

This is the other extreme which is the largest I have made….maybe seven inches by thirteen inches. The large colored areas take quite a bit of paint and lots of smoothing out of texture and tone.

Here is one that is fun to change the colors of the cloth each time I color the block.

lo res fruit bowl and board

And one I love of Australian landscape using only the colors made from the land of there.

Australia landscape

And another with the card it inspired.


fish card

By the end of the week we should have another nice show and tell for others to see. Here are some from classes taught there in the last few years.

last years class lo res

JCCFS white line June 2015 1 lo res

It seems there are more images than words in this blog entry. More to say next time.