Focusing on the Dye Pot

Today I decided to unwrap the shirts and scraps of fabric. The previously Eucalyptus-dyed shirt that was too creamy beige liked going back in with tight wraps and iron. now has nice string wrap lines to give it more interest.

But the all white but a bit too creamy linen shirt did not cooperate. Came out looking more like cooked shrimp.

My old leaves are probably exhausted and did not make the marks I wanted. So tossed them out. It hurt a bit to do that but the California lady can always send me more.

So next I tied off sections so as not to get too much salmon color and wrapped one larger grey scrap. The small bluish ones were simply tossed in.

It looked like an octopus cooking in the pot. And because I wasn’t trusting the old iron piece to do its job, I threw in a couple tea bags and what might have been tea or coffee I found in a small tin from Christmas. Simmered this for quite some time…maybe an hour. Did not see a big difference so pulled out the final remedy, a couple teaspoons of ferrous sulphate. Walked away. Which was not the best idea. Came back in time to lift the lid and rescue the shirt and scraps.

Now I had grey! And leaf patterns showed up better. A detail.

And the scraps.

What was bluish/lavender is now a dusty orchid and the grey scrap is perfect for adding pockets to the newest grey shirt. All of it went into the machine for a good rinse and spin before ironing. Quite the mess to clean up but worth it.

And I wouldn’t have got stuck into doing this if two ladies (who might not be seeing too well) complimented me on the older grey shirt that was too pale so I tied leaves into it and find that none of the salad dressing spills show now.

And finally, in the mood to get some sewing done this next week, I went to a couple of op shops and bought extra large men’s shirts to harvest cloth from to add some interest to some boring clothes. Thank you, Kate Fletcher for soldiering on in this type of recycling. You, Aujke and Suzi BJ are such an inspiration. I don’t think most people in my new area would ever wear these overdyed, reused bits in clothing which are so comfortable!

Nothing else new…except one thing…just when I decided not to return to the restaurant Lee had such good times with good company over the years, one of the fellows from the corner came in the following morning and asked if we could go together to that restaurant because he’d not been there. How nice is that? Company in the restaurant where I get a hug when I show up and get the best food around.  My dinner that I thought was my farewell one on Thursday night was sea scallops and the best pumpkin soup! He and I are waiting until the weather gets a bit cooler. A thoughtful fellow who I share favorite children’s stories with.

That reminds me that Burke and Wills is now all written and ready for the poetry lady to look over. this is such a nice area of thoughtful people.

My stitches are out and the face is looking more normal. The doctor told me to go have a scotch…so I think it is close to time for that.

Til later…