Getting Ready

This is a simple carry on bag that will be checked so that I don’t even have to think of lifting it up. All I have to do is get it zipped and wheel it into the airport…..and then wheel it out and into the back of a car in Hobart. And I will be in Hobart one week from today. A friend there will relieve me of some of the contents and get them to where we meet up later. This time I have packed more presents, more small books for the marketing stall at Halls Gap, more things that older women need to look and feel better, and less clothes to make room for it all.

I think of this little fellow as a companion who is waiting for me to come join him. Really cute photo.

The sun has come out for a bit today. The crow has moved to smearing up another window so more rags need to be draped in front. The studio needs a bit of a pick up before I leave. Lots of post-a-notes need to be added around the house for the temporary care givers. I need to be mindful of all the small things I do automatically and remember that no one else is aware of how and when they need to be done.

I have bought extra cat litter, extra laundry detergent, extra cat food, extra corn for the deer, extra bird seed, extra favorite foods of Lees, and extra wine.

Now I need to go over all the phone numbers the care givers will need to have access to, legal papers, cash for small expenses, envelopes of cash for the cleaning lady, and whatever else I can think of before Thursday.

And another thing I just thought of…..last night I photographed each step of putting a DVD into the player and how to turn it on. Now just to put them all in order with words on a print out near the TV.  Lee and I might just be the last people around who do not stream and actually get DVDs in the mail!

I will miss the cats.

I have been stitching up a storm while sitting with Lee. So far I have six completed folios with patched bits on each of the four sides.

I am even taking a worn thin shirt that a friend in Australia gave to me and hope to find patches from friends to sew onto it while down under. Another way to bring them home with me.

That is it for now I think. I need to go collect my thoughts and get out those bright colored pads of post-a-notes.

Til later.