Heat of Summer – Slow Movements

These are two of my last dust masks. I have covered them with scraps of fabric. Probably could get some high grade No. 95 ones but right now that just seems privileged…and I think there is enough privilege going on at this time. These are fine for me. Lee does not get out of the car but now I have one for him too.

The other day I got this postcard from a very thoughtful person who keeps me on his list of those in need of a good pick-me-up.

I like this one!

The drawings a day continue.

A sewing notion

that creases folds in fabric

and sometimes papers.


Bamboo and Delrin

bone folders are substitutes

for real bone folders.

The most popular

and dependable binding

thread and needle choice.


Needles are waiting

to be released so they can

prick fingers and cloth.


Not much else new here these past few days. Still working on the Bush Books. Now they are all folded with covers cut. I am still looking for the perfect way for those who have wanted them to pay for them. It will be a forest preservation charity contribution here and in Australia and I will let you know which ones when I send the books out.

I leave you with a little find in the woods the other day…a pipsissewa just blooming…a reminder that we just keep looking for the good even when it is hot and moody and ornery.

Til next time.