It’s The Weekend! Is There Difference?

We visited our favorite dog today. She loves us. We love her and take her special treats. Dogs are just so devoted to expressing their loving side. Our cats are cats and are especially good at expressing indifference.

More mulch went down these past few days.

Some views on the trail.

A pigment path.

Bright fairy umbrella.

An old balding white queen of the forest wearing lipstick of all things!

And the jowly old man’s head in the yard.

He definitely needs a place in the fairy book.

The last four days of drawings.

Tiny little slugs

have their way feeding on leaves

of morning glories.


Two little feathers

are all I have for drawing

this early morning.


Caught in the breezes

along the trail these feathers

suddenly appear.


Leaf that caught Lee’s eye

was it the way it floated

_ lay like a feather?


And more work in the My Life in Clothes book.

A dress handed down from a sister fifteen years older. My mother sewed all my clothes once we moved to Florida where jeans and tomboys were prohibited. Also I drew my first and likely only crinoline.

My most favorite flats…fringed white soft leather. A dress and hat my mother made me for my first airplane ride back north to visit relatives. It had large soft bluish green roses on white…a luscious color. My first purse probably was something like this. It was pre-backpack days.

And my first home economics sewing project of an apron with pockets and tie. Tiny red roosters on it. And the assignment of an A line skirt with darts and zippers. I had to tear them out so much to please the teacher that it ended with too many perforations to get a good grade. I have hated darts and zippers ever since. And culottes…quite the innovation in clothing.

One of our favorite patterns was this boat necked dress. Mom used it a lot. And a half slip. Must be sixteen about now.

Better go. Lee is up from his nap and is pacing.

Til later.