Last Word on the Eucalyptus Leaves Wood Block Printing

gumnut final block


This is the final image. I looked at the one I printed with more colored leaves and kept going back to the first one I carved and printed. It had less leaves but more importantly it had the simple gum nuts. I tried lightening up the gum nuts that I had carved white spaces into and then only embossing the new leaves (note print on left). Then I just said to myself that maybe some of the leaves were just too cartoonish for lack of a better word. I turned the board over and in no time had a new block carved with corrections but still using my original drawing as a guide. Now I have the print on the right. Note that I decreased the embossing lines around the subject matter and the framing area.

gumnut start to finish


So now you can see the differences in the original print from the older carving and the transitions to the latest image. And because I liked the way it looked I decided to see if I could scan it into the computer and get the feel of the print by making several adjustments so that I could turn it into a card. Here it is.

gumnut board with card


And liking how this looked I got out the Australian Land Fish print I carved and printed in Australia last spring using watercolors made from the soils there and came up with another card after scanning one of the prints I brought home.

fish card