In less than two months I will be going back to Australia for the tenth time. I have found a way to take some of what came from there back home. They are a combination of old and new technology. The impetus for the work is an old technique of white line printmaking.

Stitching on White Line images
These wood block prints I have carved in Australia and sometimes printed with the soils of that country. I reproduced them with an archival printer and altered the images to look more like colored etchings. Some of the printed images will be enhanced using watercolors I made from the soils of Australia. Onto the prints I am stitching with threads bought in Australia, purchased in sewing shops at the end of train travels as a way of recording all the colors I saw along the way. Bits of silks bought in a Japanese shop near Hobart, Tasmania are selected from precious bundles along with samples from Beautiful Silks in Melbourne and stitched onto the paper as well. And finally a tiny envelope is tied in place holding small parts of prints I have made here in my own studio. They are full of memories.