Moving On

This photo is from walking through the meadow to get to the gym. I like this early walk and having to change shoes when I get there because my hole-less Crocs are covered with sticky wet buttercup petals.

They are such a lovely yellow.

And more blooms of asters and blackberries.

And the trees at Spikebuck Indian Mound are finally leafing out.

At last week’s poetry meeting I was again encouraged to send work for publication.  It all seems so ego-involved, and I am getting older. But it did get me to thinking that maybe I need to organize poetry into a book that can be read by family later when I am gone. And then there are the short stories and essays that need to be somewhere beside the blog and website. So the last few days have been locating and organizing my writings.

There seems to be much more than I thought…and on a broad range of subjects. I get lost in remembering what caused the words to be written down in the first place. Especially the Australian inspired poems/stories.

Last night my builder asked me to come to the early wine tasting along with the two young girls from the bank, that he usually has at his table. The sommelier chose wines from the Southern Hemisphere. A nice Pinot Grigio from New Zealand and a couple reds from the Yarra Valley in Australia. Then two more reds from Argentina. I ordered some of each. I will sit and sip from Australia and New Zealand as I do some final editing on the stories inspired from down under.

I wonder if I should illustrate the two books. Why not? There is research to be done on how to take on this project, but I can get there. So many self-made books appear to be done on some site where they can be ordered or where I can just buy a bunch myself. I will ask my new poet friends if any of them have undertaken such a job. Mostly I think they look for recognition in poetry publications. I am going to be seventy-nine next month and don’t much think I want to wait for the nod from editors/publishing houses. I will be on my own with this.

In the meantime I think it is time to start sewing again. The clothing choices out there are dismal at best with the clingy knits that grab onto body parts as they find their way to hanging freely. So here is my 100% linen, washed up and waiting to be cut out.

The rich tealy-blue in the back and the lotus green in the front are a medium weight for pants and the white in the middle, a lighter weight for an asymmetrical top.  I will start cutting tomorrow and look for threads. I also feel like getting out some hand sewing again. Maybe add to the shirts in the closet I have been ignoring. Sure wish I had half the sewing knowledge of my friend, Jude, in Tasmania. But she did help me make a pattern of my favorite shirt that I have used many times.

I put the river dragon scale book aside for a bit until I come up with what goes on the opposite side. Still thinking of a writing about the river and time. Need a good think on that. but at least I have my work table back to get to drawing in the various sketchbooks.

Til later….