Much Much Better

Yesterday we walked the other side of the river at the Riverwalk in Murphy. It is beautiful and so well maintained. I gathered goose feathers to do drawings of while waiting for phone calls.

We moved Lee yesterday to a nursing home just twenty minutes from me and near the walks at the dam. He was not exactly who our son was but took the hour drive good naturedly going from one place to another. The new people seem as happy to have him as the other place was glad to see him go after trying all they could legally do to treat him there, and coming up short.

We celebrated with the Copper Doors gift of a sumptuous Pinot Noir last night.

And this morning at the dam a lovely shot of fog finally lifting on our situation.

I just returned from moving everything but large pieces of furniture from Lee’s old room….just five weeks after I dropped him there. Now a bit more paper work and we can both settle down.

Til later.