New Beginnings

returning moon

I think I used this image before but not sure exactly when. My website has been down for the past month and some of my blogs were misplaced. It has been a busy month, cleaning the studio, finishing up some work, preparing for another workshop, jurying an exhibition, organizing what needs to come next. It simply continues. The days go by, then the weeks and months with new moons flow one into the other and I assess how the time was spent.

I used to wonder if I was doing enough and if I was doing it right. How silly that was, especially when a friend and I asked those questions on an online ouija board. It seemed to take forever to spell out the word, “maybe”. How nuts was that! But I persisted with the question and continued to only ask women artist who were older than myself if they ever wondered about doing enough and doing it right. I stopped asking the questions when a printmaker who I admired told me without a second thought that it didn’t really matter. And she was right. It doesn’t. So I stopped thinking about it until just now. Now I am simply too busy with the doing and don’t really worry about whether it is right or enough.