Snow and Anonymous Kindness

The view out the front door today. And Sadie staying warm makes me warm just looking at her.

And earlier this week an anonymous card came from Tasmania. I keep it where I work in the den with sewing or doing my drawing a day or just watching TV with Lee. I pick it up and smell it. There is Eucalyptus in there. There is a flat white. There is just a touch of the Salamanca Market. There is the many friends who could have sent it. It is absolutely crowded with what I need right now. Thank you so much, “Anonymous”.

And look at this stamp!

If I went into the den right now and opened that envelope, I bet a kangaroo would hop out and I would hear laughing. But I am going to save it for later. I don’t want to let the magic escape.

That thought reminds me of one of my Zulu baskets. A friend wanted to take the lid off and look inside. I told her, “No, don’t. There is the smell of where it was made in Africa and the woman who wove it. If it opens up too much, I will lose her.”

Silly isn’t it? The ultimate hoarding ….of objects that hold the invisible of an overactive imagination¬† and make longings come to life.

I had Lee help me make pages for new sketchbooks. I am on the last one I made for my Drawing a Day/ Haiku books. It took him awhile to figure out how to tear them free of the spiral binding…but eventually he tore out enough for me to size into folios for four new sketchbooks.

He is wearing my old Arrowmont sweatshirt. It is his favorite and misses it when it is in the wash. I think I will write to them and see if they have another one for him. With the design on the front he knows how to place it to slip into.

And here are the last four days of Drawing a Day with Haiku.

Another pairing

from the many foundry molds –

one of them numbered.


This one’s a beauty

but its metal counterpart

would be so boring.


The two of us are

painted black and share the same

red painted number.


Finally! The last

of these difficult to draw

little foundry molds.


And here is a bit of the Wildflowers Bush Book.

And this morning after the trillium I drew in some acorns to be painted later. I think I need some things along the ground area of the book so will put in sticks, seeds, stones, etc….at least I think I will.

Years ago I was taking a class on how to use Caran d’ Ache crayons and my teacher told me this was the best eraser…Magic Rub by Prismacolor. I had always assumed it was those kneaded ones. But no, she was right. This eraser is the kindest to your paper and gets the job done. And if you slice off a corner you have a great little eraser to get in those tight spots.

The snow has stopped but it may not get warm enough to get down the driveway to go to our Sunday breakfast tomorrow.

Now I am going to bake oatmeal cookies.

Til later.

PS I did think I would have done more drawings in my Responsibility Hands book. I did get it brought upstairs from the studio. Lee is used to me drawing all the time so will not notice what it is about.

Slowly things are coming upstairs. I even bound three of the new sketchbooks yesterday. Bringing my tool bag up feels right.