Some Beautiful Weather for Distractions

I am so glad to be an early riser. Two beautiful mornings out at the dam.

It was like the sky could not make up its mind the next day. Then for a change of mood back on the river this morning.

The other day I tested whether soaking dried out Eucalyptus leaves in vinegar and water would increase the possibility of getting reds. After posting these results, the consensus was to use silk or wool, not cellulose material. But they can be used to draw into. I do like the yellowy-orange bits.

I worked on my fabric journal.

Then realized that I only needed two more fabric swatches to fill in the five pages for drawings that are left. I decided that the cover was too plain for the greatly expanded book with threads hanging out so stitched a larger one to glue to the cover.

And now I seriously need to think about what to work on next for drawing/painting/stitching.

I started this with a piece of failed contact printed mulberry paper and put one of my last wood engraving seconds on it. Then just patched in with silks, cottons and other papers. Simple running stitch to hold it all together. The book really needs squeezed to fit on a book shelf with other books. But now it is as thick as it is going to be. I need to get something started before friends from St. Louis arrive next week to work in the studio while their husbands do some cooking and maybe yardwork. They want to help out with things Lee may have done if he was here. First offer I’ve had for that. Very grateful!

Yesterday I met with my attorney to go over paperwork for building the house. All is good there. I had a chat with the builder and my questions are now answered. If I can possibly put a dresser or television into a closet I need to know there will be room and outlets in them. Also just where is the exterior door on that small screen porch. Knowing that helps me figure out what furniture to take for that space. There was not much interest so far in my etching press so it may go with me and stay with work tables in the garage. I am having the builder put a window in the garage to give me more light if I want to keep carving wood blocks.

Almost everything here is finding a new home if it’s not going with me. Some will undoubtedly be trashed when the time comes. I need to get some more bags ready to go out this weekend. The more I throw out now the less I have to later. I need to locate a place to get some shredding done when family comes down in a few weeks to help haul it somewhere.

I have not walked the trail in a few weeks. It is a rather sad thing to do when I think of Lee and I collecting all those beautiful leaves and feathers this time last year. Maybe I will do that in the morning and then ask the friends from St. Louis to put Lee’s rocks back along the edges where deer have kicked them about.

Now I am off to face the last closet that needs some garbage bag attention.

Til later….