Some Lovely Sights

I caught the full moon this week. Mostly over the roof tops.

And then the morning’s walk up the hill into town.

Yesterday I walked over to the creek and was surprised to find a monarch butterfly. He will go into the Meadow Book for sure.

During the day I baked. Pumpkin Maple Scones and Second Best Malted Cookies I Ever Ate, but with the substitute of a malt extract for beer making. They were not quite as sweet but still very good!

And two days ago I did a watercolor illustration of Burke and Wills looking out their window.

And one more walk to the creek. First heading over toward the bridge to the Indian Mound.

Leaves on the ground.

And the beauty of the massive amount of white flowers supplying nectar to the insects.

I took the scones to the men this morning. There was quite a feast waiting. One of them had brought in donuts and another had a crock pot of his chili we will all be tasting again at the Chili Cook Off Contest tomorrow evening.

Now off to meet a friend for lunch….

Til later..