Sorry I Am So Late…But!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  Patrick and Marla came down for the holiday and are taking the last U Haul trailer load home. The guest room has been turned into a studio! Amazing transformation that I will feature in the next blog. So far Marla has hung fifty-seven more things on the walls. There is little left to hang!

We celebrated….

When they first arrived just five days ago, they set the tree up.

We put the little tree I have used the past few years with a slightly larger one and the glass pears with dried Japanese maple leaves were hung.

There was time for a very cold walk to the river.

And this morning Marla and I hung all fourteen tai chi figures in the entry area to the front door.

One of the boys from the coffee group invited us over to pick through his brush pile.  It feels like home more and more. This afternoon after loading the trailer the three of us are going to hang the wine bottle fish with rocks in a school on the porch. I will put pictures of those, the new studio and more of Marla’s amazing hangings in the next blog.

It is time to get into those Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

Til later….