Spring Showing Itself

It is uplifting to see how quickly leaves and blossoms pop out with some sun after days and days of grey skies and rain. It has been depressing with the greyness, corona virus, incompetent people in charge, missing friends far away, wondering if our son will be able to get away to visit……But here it is spring finally.

Help is still arriving three days a week to sit with Lee. I get into the studio but once there wonder what to do. I have brought my gym routine home where there is a bike and weights. Funny how we simply can’t let go of routines. The security in that when everything else seems so uncertain.

I even went to the brewery where we always meet a friend for lunch every Thursday and got a take out lunch and dinner. Even had Lee’s growler filled with porter beer. Just so we could bring it home and eat their good food today. I wonder if they can sustain their business doing it this way. A bar needs people sitting in there having one beer after another and meeting others for lunch and dinner to watch a sports game on their television. Will take out meals from a limited menu and filling growlers keep them in business? We will just do our part and see. I also noticed that our bank has closed the interior space and only uses the drive through windows…and even that is done with gloves on. My jolly man at the feed store seems more subdued today. This is going to take its toll on everyone but especially the more social among us with small businesses in rural areas such as ours. I worry about the older population who bag groceries and work the registers at the grocery stores to supplement their retirement. They seem so at risk even without coming in contact with so many of us who could very easily be carrying the virus and not know it.

I had better get used to it. And it is hard answering Lee’s questions. The good thing there is that I can make things up and move on…….sometimes.

Anyway the drawings have ended in one series of books and now are starting in the new one.

There are two of these.

They were made for scooping up

salad greens and not dust!


This lacquered box is

more of a coffin now for

those unused chopsticks.


A stocking stuffer –

some kind of magnet, ribbon

and others attached.


It was so much fun

designing and hanging these

on our own honey!


I heard Lee come in upstairs so had better get this posted.

More later.