Staying Home – Thinking of Australia

Lee and I went out to gather anything that would make a spring bouquet today. Then I added in the last of the Eucalyptus from doing some additional contact printing. I took the two long concertina folded sheets, removed two pages after folding to make it two sided. Then used a taupe colored thread to tie off in two places where the valley folds are on each side. So the book is two sided with two sections tied back to back. I will figure out a cover later when I figure out what to draw into the contact prints. And here is my latest attempt at a Mountain Laurel stem for the six way wildflower book. I might have to come up with another name for it because I will tire of wildflowers long before I finish this one sixth of the book.

Also keeping up with drawing a day.

A little spreader

that’s made from birds eye maple.

Hardly ever used.


Laser cut designed

little spreader that came with

a small matching board.


Interesting grain

patterns on this cheese spreader

of lovely maple.


Another paddle –

this one is a dark walnut,

not used for some time.


And the latest double page of wildflowers before the mountain laurel page.

Just when I think I am getting better, the paintings look pitiful again. But I am keeping at it.

And because friends are now taking workshops in Australia, I am surrounding myself with things to stay in touch vicariously.

Used Eucalyptus leaves because they still smell divine along with the dyed strings. And of course, Yellow Tail Chardonnay for old times sake. And just this morning, my malted cookies that I will savor as they gather together later to munch on the Very Best Malted Cookies I Ever Ate.

Have a great time, girls, and send pictures when you can.

Til later.