Stitched Books And A Survivor

This is the inside of a stitched book that I worked on this week. It was a blank journal that I had made the covers of earth pigments and matching papers with stitching on them. But it was the wrong color for the sage green thread used inside. So I took out all the coptic stitching and made new covers.

I was still thinking about how some of us use our voice from early on while others take so long to find theirs. And it ends with those who simply do not speak.

So here are some close ups of the insides.

Each of the three sentences use only one word per page as the voice diminishes or grows louder.

(photographed with old cover still in place)

And the final page.

It was fun to do, had content and another way to use the stitch in illustrating books.

Another bird hit the window this morning. Lee held it for quite a while so I could get pictures.

I want to draw and paint him like the little yellow-breasted warbler from earlier in the week.

This little fellow was well and truly dead.

And this one called an ovenbird because of how his nest is sideways like an oven door opening.

I think I will draw this second view because of the chest markings and those eyes. I will leave off the bits of sand from his fall to the patio floor.

He hopped off into a bush of rosemary to recover and was well looked after by another visitor.

So what I learned this week.

Do not try to use a book that just does not fit the content. This is referred to as “retrofitting” and never works to a good advantage.

Pick up my brand new mechanical pencil more often.

Use a bit of watercolor with a graphite drawing.

Position the door screen so that it does not look like the wild blue yonder to birds attempting to enter the studio.

Til next week.