The Final Drawings a Day with Haiku and More

Lee’s dark woolen socks

that he has worn for more years

than I can recall.


My knotted up socks

fresh from the second drawer down

in my own dresser.


Marion Matthews

sent me two of her sewn masks

each one with two sides.


The opposite side

of the mask on facing page

is Eucalyptus!


More Eucalyptus

are on one side of this cloth

covid fighter mask.


The final Haiku

with  drawing a day is now

completely finished!


I have also made a second new sketching and writing book that is like the other one with short and long pages.

I used some rusted papers from my over-filled drawers and found tubular decorated wooden beads to add to the front stitch of the coptic binding. I am starting with this one…black pen and earth pigments but no words yet. Just doodling.

And the latest Fairy Book page.

There are only a few more pages in this book before I start another contact printed book from Lorraine….maybe bugs next time.

I am still writing poetry for the Trusting the Tether Line book.

Familiar Rhythms

I cling to the old familiar

rhythms of routine.


I know every step needed

to keep us both in motion.


But what will happen

when this song ends


and I have to let go?

That is all for now…I will do another one tomorrow.