The Garden

It was a good garden this year although no where as giving as last year. Too much rain I think. Too many other things to do than tend to it. So now with the last of the tomatoes coming on, we are letting it go.

Most of the roma tomatoes have been roasted and put in the freezer.

More sit on the window sill until tomorrow.

They will be sliced and seasoned with olive oil and an herb garlic salt I made earlier from other things in the garden.

Once charred a bit in a hot oven, they are cooled and placed in zip lock bags to be flattened and stacked in the freezer.

I packed Swiss chard into countless sandwiches after the lettuce was finished.

And we saw our first cicada release himself from his shell.

Interesting bugs aren’t they? His mother must have placed him here among the grape vines. I will finish up the tomatoes tomorrow and then let the deer have the rest….or the snails that seem to be slithering around the vines. We have enough.

I am going to return to the studio and more sewing before students arrive later in the week. Once they are here my time belongs to them. I will fix them a dinner of chicken breasts smothered in roasted romas with asparagus and a nice Australian red wine.

Later this week I will show more images of the tattered linen shawl and talk about the importance of threading needles, poking repetitive holes and leaving marks on cloth.

Til then.