The Moon and More Walks

At five o’clock in the morning and just a couple hours later.

Another walk over to the dam in the middle of the morning.

So many of the leaves have blown off the trees here. It was not the prettiest of falls but nice clear skies.

I took out the shawl of earth pigment colors, eaten through sections that were stitched over with silks from Beautiful Silks in Australia and other fabrics. All held together by backing it with another linen shawl the same size. I worked on it while dealing with Lee’s dementia and then put it away thinking it would stay in the trunk. But I wanted to hold it again and stitch on top of the stitches. It is so soft and comforting as cooler weather comes our way.

I took this picture of myself wrapped up in it the other day. So much more stitching to add. It will keep me company through the winter.

This morning I went to the gym, photographed the moon, had coffee with the men, went to see the dermatologist, slipped in to get a hair trim where I told her to make sure I did not look like I was at a hair salon. I am ready to go back to messy!

Also I approved the changes in The Story of Burke and Wills. It is such a lovely size and feel now. Available on Amazon for $10. Today I reworked The Stoat Story into a smaller size and will get the proof on Friday. Isn’t it funny how you have to hold something to tell if it is where you wanted it to be? We are such tactile people. Always needing to touch.

I walked back toward the river today and visited with neighbors. Tomorrow I go back into town to see all the trick or treaters show up on the square, going from business to business with their bags open. My brother and I dressed like pirates in the early fifties and just walked into town to the tavern. It was the only stop needed to get treats, mostly full sized candy bars…no miniatures back then and the men were very generous once they had a few.

I will take some pictures for the next post.

Til later…