Time Is Slipping Past

The signs are up. One showing last week. Two scheduled for today, more tomorrow and Friday. Good thing I just put fresh mountain laurel in the vase.

I need to leave the house each time it is shown, so I have about two hours to get this posted.

Walks this week…the river, the dam and this morning over to the house.

I like this rock pretending to be a vulture looking for prey out on the water.

And the river flowing toward the power plant below the dam.

And the view from my porch here.

This morning I walked over to the new house. I met a man with a dog who will be a neighbor. He is a retired law enforcement officer from Atlanta. The neighbors seem nice and more diverse than where I live now.

My house is now painted grey.

It will have white trim. I did not bring a tape measure but found string there I could knot to take distances from walls out. I decided that I really need shelves built in on each side of the fireplace for those things I love looking at. So I met the builder of those shelves and explained I would like him to make them deeper than he had planned. I told him a house is all about the things in it, so making correct spaces is important.

This past weekend I had time to catch up on my sketchbook about the new house.

Now I will post this and check all the rooms, apartment, shop and wipe pollen off surfaces on the porch.

More later….