A busy last few days. Yesterday and today was a focus on car maintenance….oil change, tire rotation, new brakes and front axle. All good now and nothing but an oil change was urgent. The rest was preventative steps taken before issues occur. It is nice to have people you can depend on to look after things like this.

A few days ago, the walk at the dam.

A beautiful full moon morning.

My other walks after going to the gym were over to the new house. Progress there! Siding is pretty much finished and as of yesterday the roof shingles are all on.

Fireplace delivered.

View of the walk in closet from the dining area, accessible from the master bath.

And a view of that closet’s interior. Plenty of room to put put my Migun massage bed in there.

And a view of my little screen porch. I talked to my yardman the other day and he is willing to put a Japanese garden off my porch and back yard. A small pond with waterfall and some fish would be nice because I will miss the sound of that trickling water.

No sketching or drawing done these past few days…maybe today. But since I have been getting wonderful facetime calls from friends in Australia while they are gathering for workshops in the Grampians, I have pulled out my crushed leaves of lemon myrtle and flavored some gin…..a different creative endeavor.

I set the bag of about two teaspoons leaves in two cups of gin until the color changed and the flavor was altered to something more “lemony”. I know from experience that leaving the herbs in too long will cause it to go too bitter….ie. my bay leaves in vodka. So now I have a pint of this to make myself a refreshing gin and tonic with a twist of lemon when we schedule our next visit. I can sip a bit of Australia and pretend I am there!

Also the weather has been very nice so I am sitting on the porch a bit more. It still feels odd to be there without Lee.

The abundance of wild turkeys make up for it…especially when they come calling.

I have not been interested in having flowers in the house since Lee left. But with the quince and forsythia in bloom, and the encouragement of my house cleaner, I picked an armload between downpours Wednesday.

They did make me smile.

There is not much else that is new, I think I will go and draw some while I wait for a conference call from my financial advisor later. He will want to know how the house is coming along. And I can give him the latest because after the gym this morning I parked my car in town and took a walk down to check it out. The carpenters were getting ready to finish up the studs for the interior walls. It won’t be long now and I will meet with the electrician to set where outlets go. Did you know they have ones now with places to plug in your computers and Iphones? I will put two in the kitchen island, one at each end. And I told my builder that I did not want tile between the cupboards and counter because I will hang artwork there like I have here. He thought that a splendid idea.

I continue to rearrange furniture on the floor plan to get a better idea of what is really necessary. Hopefully Patrick will be down in a few weeks to help me pick out light fixtures and refinish the old dining room table. And we can have the first fancy dinner out in two years or more.

Better get going if I intend getting something done.

Til later….