Where I Once Belonged


 “It was a patriarchal system where men managed the means of acquisition and made the decisions which determined our lives. The woman’s obligation (and usually desire) was to ease those determinations into existence.  As children we knew our place, our value, and our limitations.  We also knew that we were not necessarily needed and therefore easily excused to wander and explore our natural world in complete safety and with wild abandon.”
from the artist statement about “Where I Once Belonged” – S. Webster

All the house type structures relate to where I once belonged – where I was a child. This week I lost the last brother I had – the one who I always knew was drawing something and filling his hours with making things so close to where we grew up. We would escape out the back of the house and spend a whole weekend in the woods. We used to think that if we kept drawing the Disney characters over and over then Walt himself would give us a job when we grew up. He came a lot closer to that than I did with a career in marketable artworks – wildlife paintings and sculpture of “up North.”  He will be missed.