Why Do I Think I Need This!

I went to the dump this morning…just like I do every Sunday. This time loaded with soggy bags from defrosting the chest freezer in the garage. It is such a great feeling when I drive away from there. No changing my mind now!! And before I leave the house, I take the half full bag from under the sink and walk around to bathroom drawers, open them up and if I don’t see a need for the assorted things in there, in the garbage it goes.

The lady at the bank who keeps me in twenty dollar bills told me that the free shredder won’t be coming til October. Too late for my needs. Now I am in the downstairs office trying to get a grip on three cartons of papers needing a shred. After about ten times, stacking three sheets together, it wants a break. A few minutes later it will start up again. This could take forever! I can haul the papers upstairs, load them into the car and drive about a half hour to the nearest professional shredder. There I can pay sixty-nine cents a pound and get it over with. It seems a tempting alternative when I think of how many bags of shredded paper need to be taken to the dump each week til I leave here.

I was going to watch a movie on prime while shredding but there is no audio…lousy picture that continually pauses and no audio. This particular computer is on its last legs and is waiting for the daughter with tech know-how to take it all apart, clearing information from the drives.

So like Dilly here, I am packing things up.

The new house should be completely drywalled by the time I go there on Tuesday morning. Thursday morning it was about half done.

My bedroom and walk in closet.

The following morning I walked the dam.

Then because I miss drawing and get bored with filling boxes, I started the sketchbook about the meadow near my new house….

I put a baby killdeer in because there are so many flitting about. Now because my shredder bucket is packed and it is taking a break, and I don’t have more garbage bags down here to fill with these endless strips of paper, I might just finish this and go back upstairs and draw some more,

It is the fourth of July holiday here. A celebration of our country’s beginnings. With the giant leaps backward made by the Christian-biased Supreme Court, there is not a lot to celebrate. We have begun the journey to abject failure as a free and open democracy. This is not a country I am proud of anymore. We are exactly what the rest of the world sees, a country that has lost its way, through ignorance and an insatiable greed that has found a way to feed the ignorance to maintain power for such a small minority.  Hopefully by this time next year we may be on a corrective course. There is always hope.

For now I am going to ask myself again, “Do I really need this?” And keep on packing.

Til later….