Working on the Bush Book – An Update

I have been working on the Bush Book as well as my Drawing a Day with Haiku. I like the meditative-ness of both books. Here is the Bush Book as it is now. I added some insects to pages because I was afraid I would finish it too soon. It is not quite half way finished and there are so many more things to draw into the leaves. So I will start at the beginning and you can see what has been added to some pages.

A grey fox in the crease. I used too much water in the painting and the page tore on this fold but because it was such good paper that Lorraine used, I could easily glue it back together. Note that there are now tracks along the bottom pockets.

I added the blue tailed skink a while back to this page.

This double page now has a painted lady butterfly and a walking stick.

I don’t think I posted this page with the river otter, imperial moth, fresh water shrimp and marten.

I just love this page so nothing else was necessary.

O’possum, poplar moth, Carolina wren and great blue heron. Bird tracks have been added.

And the pages to come. Far left is a copper head snake, bluebird and a large box turtle on the facing page. Then one very large bumble bee taking up two pages. And the last one I have drawn in is a shield bug (the house if full of them right now), a white lined sphinx moth, mourning dove and nuthatch. These should keep me busy for a bit.

Today I am killing time waiting for the kids and our friend to arrive later. The house has been vacuumed, their bedrooms readied, pond filled, laundry finished, pot of chicken soup is on, our friend and doctor just stopped by to bring a couple of pecan breakfast rings for Lee. She will come back Christmas for dinner and promises to bring a puzzle….a hard one. I have not put a puzzle together in maybe thirty years.

That is all I have for now. My Iphone is not willing to let me see more than just the last six pictures when I want to download them to this computer. Hope one of the kids can show me how to get it to cooperate.

Til later.

Have a wonderful holiday season.