I Am Here

Then the unpacking with help from Amy and Ben while Eddie works magic through the windows.

And by this morning shortly after Amy and ben went home…It looks more like this.

I am in that chair facing the monitor in the de. A new and smaller TV fits perfectly between the mostly filled back up bookcases opposite that love seat to the left in the picture.

Patrick and Marla arrive tomorrow to work on the placement of artworks and helping unpack anything else that goes inside the house. I am ready as you can see!

I will do another blog in three days to show you how it is looking. Once all the empty boxes are gone, it is quite roomy. Now I am looking for a new rug for the living room….something like a mud cloth pattern in subtle beige and brown would be nice…but not too thin. But still unpacking and looking for things. The printing studio in the garage will wait for a bit. Now off to fry an egg for dinner.

Til later…..