Very Busy Two Weeks!

Almost everything is unpacked and where it belongs. Before I get into the house I want to show the meadow and how it looked yesterday walking over toward the gym to see the Indian Mound.

Now inside….First view is the foyer..all Australia.

Opposite wall…more and the scrap cardboard piece started at Lake Mungo with good friend, Mary Crehan.

Then down toward living room with the view to the garden…..

Dining area..

kitchen… with almost all my foundry molds hung or placed…..

The wall to the right of windows into the garden,,,,

The start on the den where I am sitting at the desk now….

More pictures to come of the den when I finish the shelves around the television.

Now the hall to the laundry room outside the den…

Laundry room…

Washer and dryer are opposite the shelves..formerly from my studio.

And the good woman over my broom rack.

And a new pantry spice rack inside the door that really helped with “where do I put these?”

Heading down hall to bedroom…

The bedroom….

Across from my bed….

The glass doors are being put on the shower/tub areas right now. When I can I will post pictures of the bathrooms…more artwork there of course…

This is enough for today.

Except here are the very happy cats at my old house. Their owners are very happy as well.

And Marla and Patrick also very happy to have gotten so much done!

Til later…