Still Adjusting

I like wandering in the meadow. Occasionally someone from the subdivision is walking their dog but mostly I am alone trying to find interesting things for me to sketch. I like this pipe. Not sure what its function was or is but it is beautiful.

It has interesting lichen on it.

And just beyond….trees near the river.

I found more butterflies…

And one whose life was over…

The meadow is getting browner…

Looking at my house building book, I noticed there were so many more pages to fill and now I am moved in. So it occurred to me that I am still unpacking.

So using two pages to show how that unpacking is going, I came up with the following pages…I am showing all five of them and how they work together to tell a story. Later in the book I will place some things on shelves and in closets as I get more firmly moved in and the book ends.

First the screens getting put in and a list of what needed to be done. (Most of that has been taken care of).

Now the boxes!

The box on the left is how it looked sealed and then on the right it is being opened.

And there are the pots and pans!

Lots of bubble wrap in this one.

Of course I painted all my cartons with the earth pigment watercolor made from the soil under my house.

I might go back and pile up the cartons on the left as they are opened. SO many boxes! And more to go. Notice how I poured myself a glass of wine after I opened the wine glasses box. Anyway, it was fun doing these pages.

Today I am going to brave a social event here in town. Beginning at four this afternoon there will be Wines and Steins. Local wineries and breweries come to town and set up on the square with various food venders. I can sample their goods and hopefully bring home a dinner. The walk up the hill can be a bit hard, but the more I do it, the easier it gets.

Earlier today I tried to get the red clay stains off the porch and front entry…but to little results. The porch now has an overall reddish tinge to the concrete.

I painted the old bench Lee made for our house years ago black because the new porch table and chairs will likely be black. And ordered a nice rug for out there that is a blend of those colors, will look nice, and give a place to wipe the feet before coming into the dining area.

Tomorrow it is back to writing and drawing.

Til later…..