It Is Getting Cooler

You can feel the crispness in the air. The meadow is dying back.

The colors and patterns call for attention.

Butterflies seem rushed to get what is left in the drying blooms. They are hard to photograph but I get enough to look them up in the Information Center where I now keep the Audubon and Peterson books. I might have to put a sign on the dictionary saying, “I am not a bible. I am a dictionary!” All these years and no one ever assumed it was other than a dictionary. Could be I have moved to an area where open bibles are common and/or necessary.

I had a nice chat with a new neighbor this morning. I think she is the only other one to brave walking up the hill to town…of course she had a dog on a leash to help out. I just pause half way up and take in the scenery while I catch my breath. She says she never misses a day…365 a year! She also says that it does not get slick with snow and ice. Good. I will keep at it!

New drawings in the Meadow Book. Trying to keep up with the insects flitting along my path.

Friday morning at 7 am I will be having breakfast out with the men and MaryJo. It was nice to be invited…maybe they will have pecan waffles. Lee and I always had Sunday breakfast out and waffles were my favorite. He is 85 today.

The shower door is finally in.

Now it is just the grab bars and I think we are finished with the house. The tile man told me he would install them today but I have learned not to expect too much from these busy fellows.

Best to keep your expectations a bit on the lower side and the level of satisfaction adjustable.

Til later….