Days Are Flying By

Where did the last five days go? Well some of it was making savoury scones. This is my favorite with spinach, roasted tomatoes, sour cream, sharp cheeses.

And someone asked how there can be a wine tasting event with sommelier and chef, movie nights, mail center and coffee with old men in one place. So I took pictures.

Movie screen. We sit off to the left just inside the front door. The other night it was the Christmas Story 2. Not as memorable as when Ralfie was little but okay.

Where the wine left from wine tasting nights is kept. Coffee pot in the back.

The mail register for shipping packages with the end of the table where the mayor sits each morning. I sit two chairs down to his left.

Across the street is the back of the old court house on the square.

And around the other side.

With the weather being so warm and the addition of constant rain these past few days, some trees are blooming.

And a little ways down this street I turn into my subdivision.

The back of my house is near the center of the picture, down the hill with the small screen porch visible. I never thought I would live in a place like this. But it is nice having neighbors. I am going to have an open house a week from Sunday to get to know them better. After all they will be the ones who will notice if I am not out walking to town and may need checking on.

I had a bit of breakfast with the usual group this morning. One of them brought me a McDonald’s spicy hot fried piece of chicken between two small maple infused pancakes. Never had one and won’t have another but I ate it with the suggestion of grape jelly to make it not so hot and slide down easier. I shared some with a dog who loved every bite!

Then lunch out with a friend and now have to put together a salad to take to new friends house tonight to meet some of their friends. This is a very social and welcoming town.

More later….after pictures of the Christmas parade in town on Saturday evening.

Til then.