Getting Sorted

Walks. First the river here….

Where I found a tree that looked like it was yelling something at me.

And walking back…

Then off to the Riverwalk in Murphy.

The tiny leaf buds are appearing with this seventy degree weather. Still rain most days.

The new frames arrived for the little stitched animal drawings. I need to paint them grey this weekend. Then pop them in a box until I think of what to do with them and if I want to add more to the series.

The patchwork of print and cloth is all stitched where I wanted to. But still sits to my left because it seems to want more but is neglecting to tell me what. Could be I am not listening.

So, remember this book of Lorraine’s contact prints that she sent me (with several others)? I used one for this.

And another for the Fairy Book…

Then I received a bunch of pens and thought I would stipple into the next book. I was thinking Sticks and Stones.

I tucked it away and got busy with all the changes in my life going on. The other day I pulled it back out and went to look for the brown ink pens.

Most had dried up. And I did not really like the starkness of the pen marks with Lorraine’s subtle leaf prints. So I got out the gouache and Caran “Dache crayons to smooth out the ink marks.

I added a bit of watercolor on the leaves to brighten them ever so slightly and this weekend will work back into my sticks.  But am wondering what I might draw into the background if anything. There are many pages to this book with pockets, so I could develop a narrative of sorts….maybe what the sticks and stones could make when properly assembled. A series of woodland shelters with stone walls and arches.

I think I am anxious to just sit and draw again on a project that takes lots of time. Maybe a daily meditation until the meadow comes alive again and I can go back to that sketchbook.

Not much more new right now…just feeling like I need to start another daily practice for my own satisfaction.

More later….