ReArranging/Finding Things to Get Back To

I am not walking today….the rain is refusing to stop. But I did get to the river a couple of days ago. Looking for Spring but you can see very little of it wants to come out.

Today I decided (since I finished my book) to sort out where I should keep the hand sewing. And what I still need to work on has found a place here in the studio.

I decided to add more stitching to these put-together scraps of print and cloth.

I am thinking that when I finish with the stitching, I will put it on a larger piece of mulberry paper and maybe get it framed.  There is still some wall space here in the studio.

Then I drew more in the book for basket gatherings. I thought it needed some basic drawings on the spun paper page.

I used a graphite pen that sits on the shelf…and within easy reach. I bought it from a man selling turned pens. It came with three large graphite leads and several more of different colors. I loved that he used a corn cob to turn this on his lathe. And the velvet bag and wooden box it came in made it irresistible.

It is fun to hold in the hand because it is quite heavy and feels very sure of itself.

I also found the three graphite drawings of animals with textiles.

Not sure what to do with them. But I did enjoy making them, so will likely do some more. No grandchildren and when I think of it, I don’t even know any little ones I could frame these for. But who knows…I might find one. I think a squirrel in an apron roasting nuts in a pan might be the next one. And once I think of something it seems only fair to make it up. She is sure to have a pocket in her apron. Something or someone peeking over the edge.

And while sorting the drawers designated for sewing things in my work table I found these. Handwoven sachets I did over thirty years ago. A glittery copper thread used with the copper colored mercerized cotton. And a green to make the overshot pattern. Not sure what the green was supposed to be but if it was trees, they are likely upside down. Anyway the price tags are still attached….$6.

I see it now…they are trees with overlapping bottom branches and a small tree stand below. I must have been quite pleased with them to still have these two.

And then these…postcards from two old exhibitions.

The one on the left is from my graduate exhibition of men in community. And on the right was a postcard from a local exhibition in 2005 I think. The piece at the top hangs in my bedroom with others that are similar. The crow on the bottom was the first to sell out of the exhibit. It was fun to find these tucked in with papers from my designated “Sandy” dining room drawer in the old house.

I think if I get the few projects mentioned here wrapped up and write the words for Burke and Wills, then I might start something new. Probably some carved wood blocks. Small ones that would run continuously through a concertina book. Nothing too big….

Just thinking here….

Til later